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Wrist Brace


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The Wrist Brace with Welltex® technology can increase blood circulation by reflecting body heat as infrared energy. The unique properties of the material can provide a soothing effect for those with pain in the wrists, such as in carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis. The brace provides comfortable support for the wrist and can be used both for repetitive strain, such as at the computer and for physical exertion. Perfect for extra support for various racket sports, at the gym or for everyday movements such as cooking. The wrist brace is soft and flexible in an elastic material. It is easy to use, just thread it over your hand. The flexible and simple design allows you to use the brace for all types of activities.

Welltex® technology
Wrist support
For monotonous work steps, e.g. at the computer
For exercise and other physical activity
Suitable for wear and tear, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis

S 14 cm
M 16 cm
L 18 cm
XL 20 cm