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Back on Track

Back on tracks products were discovered and developed by our founder and Swedish Doctor Erland Beselin. Dr. Beselin has a PhD in transplant immunology and has over 35 years of experience in clinical studies. He has spent most of his profession reviewing clinical trials and testing new drugs.

He first came into contact with long-wave heat radiation, over two decades ago, and was impressed by its effects on humans and animals. 

"We were at a trade fair in China where we got a very simple knee protection from an exhibitor. One of my colleagues decided to test the knee protection. He was having great difficulty with his knee as he had constant daily pain for many years. This was because of an old hockey injury he had suffered in his youth. After a few days of using this brace, he noticed his pain slowly reducing. He also noticed that the pain would come back when he stopped using the brace. After learning about the experience, he had had with this knee brace, I couldn’t ignore the clear benefit it was giving him. I became very interested in the product and decided to look into it, in more detail."

- Dr. Erland Beselin

After a clinical study together with a veterinarian in 2000, Back on Track launched their first products for testing. People with chronic shoulder, elbow and knee problems such as osteoarthritis, and people suffering from tennis elbow were selected as test users. When after long term use of the braces, most of the test users reported significant improvements and reduced swelling, the development of a new patented mineral wellness-textile was launched. The idea of traditional Chinese medicine was combined with modern textiles technology, creating a material called Welltex®.

" Prepare, Perform, Recover are the company's keywords and we believe it will make a big difference to many horses, dogs and people's lives. Over the years we have learned that our Welltex products can help various users with many diverse needs.

We learn new things from our customers every day and we see this as a great strength with our products." The great thing is that you can use our products throughout your life. We are grateful and happy that we can join you on your journey through life and be part of your joy and success. "

- Dr. Erland Beselin