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Welt Bell Boots


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Limited edition bell boots in a range of colours, with a soft faux fur trim encircling the coronet. The boots provide a light protective layer around the hoof and coronet area and prevents the horse from trampling on its shoes or cause minor overreach injuries. Easily secured with a broad, sturdy hook and loop strap. The Welltex® lining in the upper part of the boot promotes blood flow in the pastern and the coronary band, which may help support the normal function of the coronary epidermis and keep tendons healthy. fluffy ring of faux fur

The boots are easy to keep clean and come in a mesh bag that also doubles as a wash bag. Perfect match with the "Opal" Boots. • May promote healthy blood flow
• Protects the hooves and coronet
• Soft faux fur prevents chafing
• Easy to use
• Firm attachment