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Rug Rime Mia


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The Back on Track® Mia Rime Rug is the perfect stable rug perfect for Autumn as well as milder Winter days, and may also be used as an under rug for turnout or during colder weather. It is also a useful as a travel rug on cold days. The Mia Rime Rug is a solid, practical blanket with a breathable, polyester outer layer that offers some water resistance, lined with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. The body responds positively to the infrared wave, increasing circulation which can aid mobility and help avoid injury. The Mia Rime Rug is seamless along the spine, has hind leg straps, a single front closure, belly surcingles and tail strap. It’s unique cut gives an ideal, non-rubbing, close-body fit, which, also, helps to ensure that it stays in place.

115cm (5'6")
125cm (5' 9"/6' 0") 
135cm (6' 0"/6' 3")
145cm (6' 3"/6' 6")
155cm (6' 6"/6' 9")
165cm (6' 9"/7' 0")