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Royal Pony Mesh Rug Deluxe


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Multifunctional mesh rug with Welltex® technology.  

In the updated version of the mesh rug (), there is more space over the shoulder points, thanks to "invisible" shoulder gussets that give the horse great freedom of movement. The inner lining – containing Welltex® - is more tightly woven to give it a slicker surface. This reduces the risk of the fabric getting caught in the horse's hair.  

The new rug is also less deep and has no tail patch, which makes it more suitable for use under a turnout rug. The buckles are flat and light-weight and the neck cover is easily attached with hook and loop straps. A soft fleece lining at the withers provides extra comfort and avoids chafing at the mane. 

The Welltex® technology may stimulate blood circulation and help the horse maintain an optimal body temperature. Increased blood flow can result in more flexible and mobile muscles and joints, making this rug an excellent choice before and after training or competition.   

The body-hugging design closely follows the outline of the body and exerts the FIR effect over the most important muscle groups. 

  • Welltex® technology 
  • Airy and breathable mesh     
  • Optimal before/after training and competition 
  • Anatomically tailored design 
  • Versatile and highly functional