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Royal Hock Boots Deluxe (Pair)


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We are launching a new and updated Deluxe model of our popular Royal Hock Boots! The hock boots consist of two parts, a durable and sturdy outer shell, and a thick inner pad with Welltex® technology. The Royal Deluxe model is anatomically designed to provide an optimal fit around the point of the hock. The outer shell is well-shaped with strategically placed seams to avoid pressure points on the horse’s sensitive tendons. The opening over the point ensures good flexibility and a secure fit. The inner pad goes high up on the leg with a rounded shape to provide the best possible comfort. The pad can easily be removed when washing the boots as they attach to the outer part with a hook and loop fastener. The inner pad has a Welltex® infused lining. The material reflects body heat in the form of far-infrared energy. It can stimulate blood circulation in the area and relieve problems with stiffness, inflammation, and osteoarthritis. The boots are equipped with three strong and durable hook and loop straps. The middle strap has a two-part elastic band to avoid pressure on the joint. The hock boots are suitable for use while resting in the stable or during transport.

• Welltex® technology
• Two-piece construction
• Anatomical tailored fit
• Robust hook & loop straps