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Ribbon Collection Saddle Pad Jumping


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Ribbon Collection - Online only!

We do not believe that anyone has been left untouched by breast cancer. We all know a person who has been affected. Well-being is close to our hearts and for us, it is important to support the people. Cancer research has come a long way but is far from the goal. Together we can create new opportunities to be able to save lives. Every contribution counts.

Saddle pads

Invest in a fabulous saddle pad that supports your horse at the same time as it supports the everyday fight against breast cancer. For each sold saddle pad we donate 10£  to Macmillan cancer charity foundation.

The saddle pad is designed with our famous No 1 cut, to give space for the withers and spine line. Lined with our Power Waffle(™) textile to enhance blood circulation and support muscles. May contribute to increased muscle activity in the back and to reduce the warm-up time. All to prepare, perform, and recover. 

Welltex® technology - Powerful waffle textile - Elegant design - 2 layer filling - No I design - Tailored fit - Swedish design