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P4G Welltex® Tape


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P4G Welltex® Tape is developed for use on the neck, shoulders, knees, arms or wherever you need it. Perfect for tricky areas where our usual supports do not reach or do not sit well. The tape has high breathability and has natural anti-odour properties thanks to the minerals in Welltex® technology. Use the tape for added support or to help with circulation problems. It may be used in preparation for activity and in recovery to minimise muscle pain. The tape is comfortable to use around the clock, as its elastic material gives the feeling of a second skin. It is also durable and sticks well despite sweat and showers. Tested by both doctors and athletes. It is free from Latex and has been found that it does not go against doping rules according to doping substance test results.

Welltex® technology
Can be used anywhere
Durable and fits well
Sweat & Splash resistant


Dimensions: 5 m long, 5 cm wide.