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"Inez" W's functional short sleeve top


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"Inez" is a form-fitting, minimalist top in all-black with a structured stand-up collar, adorned with a discrete Back on Track wing PU-emblem in matte gold. "Inez" has a sleek, classic look, with a black half-zip closure and the brand name printed in black at the back hem.

Made from a lightweight functional fabric, which is highly breathable, wicks away moisture and dries quickly. The top also has fine mesh-panels on the underside of the arms for additional ventilation. 

Minerals  - fused into the fabric -  harness the far infrared energy produced by the body as part of the natural body heat. When this energy form is emitted back into the body, it can help stimulate blood flow to the muscles.

• Benefits of Iontex®️
• Breathable and quick-drying
• Lightweight and elastic

Size tip: if in doubt take a size up