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"Deep Nights" Horse Bonnet


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Elegant, jet black horse bonnet adorned with a thin black cord and Back on Track insignia in rose gold.

Wearing a bonnet often has a decidedly calming effect and helps the horse focus on the work at hand. It definitely adds an element of style to an outfit! It is also perfect to match with other pieces from the collection.

The inside has a Welltex®️ infused lining to favour good blood circulation in the head and neck area. The beneficial effect may also help release muscle tension, adding to the well-being and comfort of the horse.

The "Deep Nights" Horse Bonnet is made from lightweight mesh fabric, which makes it highly breathable and pleasant to wear. The ears are covered by a stretchy, elastic material that makes them very flexible and ensures a good fit on any horse.

• Benefits of Welltex®️
• Breathable and elastic
• Protects the ears from irritants
• Provides a calming effect