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Cool on Track - Cooling Bandana


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Help your dog to stay cool in the summer heat with a cooling bandana! Dogs are sensitive to heat since they do not have the ability to sweat as humans do. Therefore, it is important to make sure your dog does not get overheated during hot days or during exercise.  The Cooling Bandana acts as a cooling wrap around the neck and throat region, providing dogs with a pleasant feeling of refreshment by cooling down superficial blood vessels. 

The technical Cool on Track™ material cools by means of water evaporation and provides a pleasant, refreshing effect. It contains no chemicals and does not require access to a freezer. A durable mesh outer layer stimulates the circulation of air.  The bandana is easy to use in all situations. Soak it in water, squeeze out excess liquid and put the bandana around the dog's neck. The material cools as long as it is damp and you can easily wet it again to maintain the effect throughout the day.  

.Technical Cool on Track™ material 
.Cools efficiently by evaporation of water 
.Contains no chemicals 
.Easy to use