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"Carnelian" Neck Brace


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Flexible neck brace that can help your muscles relax. The inside has a thin lining with embedded Welltex® technology. By reflecting the body’s natural energy, the technology may help increase the blood flow in the area. The effect can be helpful for both temporary and long-term problems with the neck, such as stiffness, tension, strain, osteoarthritis and whiplash injuries.

The outside has a soft and flexible fabric with Iontex® technology to provide breathability and contribute to higher reflective values. The brace covers the neck, thoracic spine, shoulders and upper chest. It is easy to
put on with a hook and loop fastener in the front. The brace suits both under and on top of clothes.

• Welltex® technology on the inside
• Iontex® technology on the outside
• Excellent breathability with a thin fabric
• Covers the whole neck & shoulder area
• Relieves stiff & sore muscles
• Light & smooth fabric