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Bed Sheet, White


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The Back on Track bedsheet with Welltex® is recommended for anyone that has general joint pain or muscle stiffness. The bedsheet is ideal to be combined with the Back on Track bed mattress.


The Welltex®-technology can help to maintain and regulate a comfortable body temperature during both hot and cold nights. You can also use the Back on Track sheets with your regular bedding and /or mattress.

Our Welltex-infused products contain a unique mixture of minerals. The minerals catch the warmth your body naturally emits, change it into a form of long-wave infrared energy, and then reflect it back into your, skin, bones, muscles, and joints. The reflected heat helps to reduce muscle tension, supporting blood circulation which can aid the recovery process from injury and strain. No external heat has been added. The result is consistent, soothing warmth exclusively created by reflecting heat from the body.


Color: White  

Size: 150 cm x 260 cm