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"AirFlow" Exercise Boots


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The new "AirFlow" technology Exercise boots are extremely lightweight and easy to use. Improved fit from our regular exercise boots to give narrow support and keep a steady position. A snug fit also helps to keep dirt out, so no disturbance is made during performance. Airtech for maximum breathability and moisture management.

Gives high support and ensures freedom of movement for the ankle. It has a durable material to reduce and spread knocks. Shock- and pressure-dividing foam to give extra support during exercise. Protects the cannon bone, tendons, and tissue, and absorbs some of the impact from tramping. Lined with Welltex® to enhance blood circulation, it offers great support during both warmup and practice.

• Welltex® technology
• Lightweight design
• Airtech system
• Shock absorbing
• Pressure dividing