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"Air" Back Brace Low

"Air" Back Brace Low


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A breathable back brace that provides support for the lumbar spine, core and hips.

The narrow design (16 cm) provides comfortable support, which can alleviate many common problems that cause discomfort in the lumbar spine. The belt fastens with two layered flexible hook and loop fasteners that enable a personalized fit and support.

The brace has several flexible springs on the back to ensure stability. A Welltex® infused lining reflects body heat to increase blood circulation in the area. The effect can be helpful for ailments such as stiffness, strain, sprain, lumbago, osteoarthritis and inflammation.

The belt is suitable for both long periods of sitting still and for activities. The narrow fit makes it comfortable and easy to move around with even during exercise. "Air"y material with elastic fishnet mesh provides high breathability and ensures good comfort throughout the day.

• Welltex® technology
• Narrow belt design
• "Air"y material for good comfort
• Supports the lower back, core & hips
• Easy adjustment for a personalized fit