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What is Welltex®?

Here at Back on Track we use a unique ceramic infused textile, that we call Welltex. Welltex has heat-reflective properties. The textile is an amalgamation of ancient Chinese methods and modern scientific textile technology.

Dr. Erland Beselin discovered a type of pain-relieving therapy that was developed in ancient China. This consisted of applying a special type of marble stone to aching muscles. The Chinese sought and used only a certain form of this marble, which included a specific assortment of metal oxides that gave their power to reflect heat and relieve pain.

Because of its growing popularity, this specific marble was in great demand, which encouraged the Chinese to experiment with alternative clays that also contain metal oxides. They baked these clays to form mineral tiles which they could then apply in a similar way to the marble stones.

How is Welltex® made?

The mineral tiles are turned into a fine powder and then infused into the treads of the fabric at very high temperatures. Which means that the fabrics in our products have the same effect as the mineral tiles.

How Welltex® works

The Welltex® fabric catches the warmth your body naturally emits, changes it into a form of infrared heat radiation, and then reflects it back into your, skin, bones, muscles and joints. Infrared radiation is a known energy form, used to increase well-being and generates a favourable effect especially for muscles and joints. The reflected heat helps to reduce muscle tension, supporting blood circulation which can aid the recovery process from injury and strain. Since humans and animals radiate body heat both during rest and activity, the products can be used advantageously both during the night and during the exercise itself. However, at rest, the radiation is less than if the body is working. Therefore, the most effective way is to use the products, both at rest and during activity in the most exposed areas. Back on Track® products work naturally in generating their own heat, therefore the products are at no risk of being found as doping. No external heat has been added. The result is consistent, soothing warmth exclusively created by reflecting heat from the body.