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"Deep Nights" Saddle Pad Dressage


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"Deep Nights" Saddle Pad Dressage is a sophisticated addition to our highly appreciated "Nights Collection", available in jet black with black embellishments and a discreet logo emblem. The Back on Track wings insignia is incorporated into a quilting pattern that extends over a black, shiny surface - an understated expression of pure elegance.

The inside, closest to the horse, is fully lined with our Welltex infused Power Waffle fabric - the material that gives off our strongest reflection of infrared energy.

In this new version, both look, feel, and function are updated. Straps for attaching the saddle pad to the saddle are replaced by foam-filled stop-cushions that keep the pad in place and prevent it from sliding backward. The innovative fit makes the pad adhere to the horse’s anatomy and follow the curvature of the back, distinctly lifting it over the withers to avoid pressure points.

A firm layer of felt under the filling preserves the shape and helps distribute weight and absorb shock.

• Powerful infrared energy reflection
• Stop-cushions replace straps
• Removes pressure on the withers
• Luxurious look and feel