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Rose Hip Finely Ground Powder for dogs

Rose Hip Finely Ground Powder for dogs


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Back on Track's Organic Rosehip Powder for Dogs is a natural nutritional supplement without any additives. The rosehip powder is extra finely ground to optimize absorption in your dog's digestive system.. Feel free to soak and mix the powder with the dog's food.

Rose hips contain vitamin C, galactolipids, lycopene, vitamin E, beta-carotene and flavonoids, among others.

Rosehip powder has an anti-inflammatory effect. Daily intake can have a positive effect on joint complaints. Furthermore, the rose hip supports the immune system and helps the body to remove waste products in the intestines.

All our rosehip products are made from wild growing rosehips that have been oven dried, which gives higher quality and better vitamin retention.


COMPOSITION (ingredients):

100% Organic finely ground Rosehip (Rosa Canina) -
80% Rosehip peel , 20% Rosehip seed powder

(Analysis value per 100 g)

Crude protein - 4.2 g
Crude oils and fats - 2.74 g
Crude fiber - 15.4 g
Crude ash - 6.05 g

(recommended feeding amount per day).

Dog < 15 kg : 5 ml
Dog 15-30 kg : 7,5 ml
Dog 30-40+ kg : 10 ml

Dry, cool and well sealed