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Autumn Must-haves: Horse Rugs

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Autumn Must-haves: Horse Rugs

Autumn has arrived with dark rainy nights. It’s time to get thinking on the winter rugs for they run out.



Millie Rug

Warm and cozy for in the stable

Millie Stable Rug 100/200gr

Millie Stable rug offers excellent fit and room for the shoulders of your horse due to the generous shoulder gussets. Welltex® lining may encourage blood circulation to support movement and flexibility in tendons, muscles, and joints. Perfect for cold nights or for extra support during the nighttime. Superb moisture and wicking properties, filled with either 100g or 200g of fluffy polyfill. Glossy lining over the shoulder and in the front to prevent chafing and to support a healthy and soft coat. The 100 gram filling is perfect to use as a stable blanket but can also serve as an under blanket under a rain blanket, for example. The 200 grams can be used later in the year when it gets colder.


Rhyolite Insulated liner 100/200gr

By using a separate inner lining, you can easily adapt your horse's normal rugs for colder temperatures. Rhyolite has a lightweight filling to provide additional warmth without putting extra pressure on the muscles. The liner has a comfortable insulating effect without getting too hot or sweaty, as the material is breathable. The lining is breathable and has a smooth surface, which prevents chafing.

The Welltex® infused lining can increase blood circulation by reflecting body heat as infrared energy. It may have a relaxing effect and can reduce stiffness in muscles and joints. An increased blood flow can also help to relieve problems with inflammation or osteoarthritis. The Rhyolite liner is extra suitable before activities to assist the warm-up, and afterwards to help aid the recovery.
Rhyolite has a hook-and-loop fastening at the back above the tail for easy and sturdy attachment to the Obsidian turnout rug.The underblanket is available with two different fillings, 100 grams and 200 grams


Felix Liner 200gr

The Felix liner, with Welltex® is a liner that can be used as a backwarmer or as an underblanket. The blanket is breathable and keeps the horse warm and the coat beautiful. An attachment set is supplied with the blanket to also attach the Felix to blankets from other manufacturers.

Please note: this model is phasing out. For availability, visit our webpage.


Shoulder Guard Light

The shoulder guard with Welltex® fabric can stimulate the blood circulation and prevent injuries in the shoulder and chest area.

The perfect fit and optimal coverage of the chest, trapezius and shoulder muscles characterize the Back on Track shoulder guard.

Tip: Combine with the stable rug for maximum comfort.


Stay dry & visible whilst outside

Brianna Outdoor Rug 50 gr

The Brianna Outdoor blanket with Welltex® lining is a robust waterproof, breathable blanket (3000/3000). The 1200 denier ribstop blanket with 50 grams filling has a light reflective print and piping for better visibility. The Brianna has a snap-lock on the chest with hook and loop closure, a high neck with a spacious room for extra freedom of movement at the withers. A large tail flap for added protection against the weather. The smooth lining on the front, at the neck and tail, helps prevent chafing.


Exercise Rug Sammy

Great in bad weather and for everyday use!

The Sammy exercise blanket is a waterproof and breathable blanket to use while riding. The 600 denier ribstop blanket has a slightly reflective print and piping for extra safety in the dark. Furthermore, the blanket has two Velcro closures at the front. At the back we see a tail strap with D-ring. Available in Black and Blue.

Tip: If you have to take your horse out in the evening after dark, use the Werano Reflective halter for extra visibility.


Stylish at the show

Edward Wool Rug

Treat your horse like a royal!

Thick, fluffy collar in soft fleece gives extra comfort. Made of wool-blend with Welltex® lining in the back. Welltex® promotes blood circulation and mobility of the muscles. Perfect to use before, during, and after training or competition.  Finished with leather details and brass buckle. Luxurious champagne-coloured embroidery.

Haze Collection Rug

Lovely quilted rug in a Brown or Grey melange colour that will make your horse stand out from the crowd!

Lined “all over” with our unique, high quality Welltex ® made from Waffle weave fabric! 200g filling, high breathability and good moisture management. Easy T-bar front closure and one hidden, detachable surcingle. Imitation mink fleece around the neck to avoid rubbing. Twisted cord around the edge and a stylish faux leather and metal badge on the left side. The perfect rug for your horse that offers the highest comfort.