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William Exercise Rug Wool


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Magnificent and elegant exercise rug, perfect for training and competition! Ideal for warming up or cooling down. Welltex(R) lining over the back supports blood circulation and movement in the muscles. Slim fit design around the saddle to prevent cold air leaks and cut out for close contact between horse and riders leg. Luxurious champagne colored cord and embroidery. Hook & loop closure. for easy and secure attachment. Can be worn under or over the saddle flaps.

High-quality · Wool Welltex® technology · Far infrared lining Shaped for close contact towards the horse · Double hook & loop closure Tail cord with D-rings attachment

125cm (5' 9"/6' 0") 
135cm (6' 0"/6' 3")
145cm (6' 3"/6' 6")
155cm (6' 6"/6' 9")
165cm (6' 9"/7' 0")