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Riding Gloves


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 The Back on Track Riding Gloves offer ultimate comfort combined with the tested and proven qualities of the revolutionary Welltex ceramic fabric. The material provides a snug, cosy fit – ideal for those cold winter days. Even though the material of the gloves is thin, the polyurethane coating makes them extremely durable. The gloves are also suitable for other sports such as cycling and golfing. Comes in a variety of sizes: 6,5 - 7 - 7,5 - 8 - 8,5 - 9 - 9,5 - 10 - 10,5 - 11 - 11,5. 

Riding Gloves Measure the width of your knuckles at the base of the fingers, and the length from the top of the middle finger to the top of the wrist. Tend to run small.
6.5 Width- 3.25in, Length- 6.25in
7 Width- 3.25in, Length- 6.5in
7.5 Width- 3.25in, Length- 6.5in
8 Width- 3.5in, Length- 6.75in
8.5 Width- 3.5in, Length- 6.75in
9 Width- 3.5in, Length- 7in
9.5 Width- 3.75in, Length- 7in
10 Width- 3.75in, Length- 7in
10.5 Width- 4in, Length- 7.5in
11 Width- 4in, Length- 7.75in
11.5 Width- 4.25in, Length- 8in