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"Koda" Pet Shoes


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A comfortable lightweight dog shoe lined with Welltex®. The shorter design makes it suitable for both front and hind legs. The Welltex® lining reflects body heat as infrared energy, which can contribute to good joint and muscle health. The shoes are a good choice if the dog has problems with the joints or arthritis in the paw. They can also be helpful if the pet has an injury in the paw area that needs to heal without a bandage. Be aware that the shoes should not be used instead of a recovery pet cone.

The "Koda" pet shoes have a sock-design with seam allowance tucked in between the main fabric and the lining to prevent rubbing. That ensures high comfort during both activities and rest. Quick and easy to fasten with hook and loop straps. The shoes can be well tightened around the leg to stay in place and prevent it from falling off when the dog is moving around. Non-slip silicone dots on the bottom provide a good grip for the dog.

The shoes are suitable to wear both indoors and outdoors. The fabric is adapted for soft surfaces and has a slightly water-resistant effect that will keep the paws dry in light rain and on snow.

Welltex® technology
Lightweight material
For both front and back legs
Non-slip sole