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Bob Dog Loop


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Does your dog suffer of joint stiffness in the neck area, or do you just want to give your dog the best there is? Our Dog Loop can help improving blood circulation and make sure that your dog gets the best conditions to keep flexible and mobile even in cold weather and in old years. Thanks to our Welltex®- technology, together with your dog´s body heat, this Dog Loop will help your dog in new adventures, during physical activity and recovering. The Loop is designed in a soft fleece with an anatomical shaped neckline. It´s equipped with elastic bands in the front as well around the top. The loop is developed in consideration to long necked dogs, but thanks to the elastic bands it will fit dogs in different styles and breeds. An opening in the back makes it easy to put the leash on, and quickly go from “rest mode” to “perform mode”. In the back of the neck you will find our Welltex® logo.

For right measurements; the circumference of the dog's neck + about 5 cm


Materials 80% Polyester
20% Polypropylene
    Washing Washed at a maximum of 40 degrees with gentle washing program.