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Rug Mesh Mia


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The Back on Track® Mia Mesh Sheet, is a must have rug. Made from 100% Welltex™ ceramic infused polyester, this multifunction rug can be used as a second layer underneath a conventional rug, as a lightweight rug (especially if the horse coat is wet), as a summer sheet, as a cooler or as a light travel rug. It is manufactured using the relvolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric with a breathable thin mesh outer layer. It has a strengthened neck opening, single front closure and its unique cut gives an ideal, non-rubbing fit, which, also, ensures that it stays in place without leg straps.

115cm (5'6")
125cm (5' 9"/6' 0") 
135cm (6' 0"/6' 3")
145cm (6' 3"/6' 6")
155cm (6' 6"/6' 9")
165cm (6' 9"/7' 0")